Our Valuable Team Members

Jess Profit

Jess Profit

Assessor / Coach

  • I like that Jess is friendly, approachable and always happy to help others.
  • Jess is a lovely lady, she makes cake which is always a bonus in our office. She is very kind hearted and will go out of her way to help anybody.
  • Jess is always so helpful. She always makes time for others and is very quick to offer her support whenever you are stuck with something.
  • Jess loves a nice chat, she’s a really friendly person and you are always guaranteed a warm welcome and cheerful demeanour whenever you see her.
  • Jess is a good team player. She always has a smile on her face and happy to help out with anything she is asked to do.
  • Jess is very nice, kind, friendly, working hard and all the time likes to help the other assessors with marking and observations. Happy that she is part of our team.
  • Very helpful towards the team, Laidback but organised, Very approachable
  • My family are the most important to me.  I have two young daughters who drive me crazy but with whom my husband and I love spending my spare time with and doing fun things with whenever we can!
  • My guilty pleasure is watching soaps – give me a box set and I’m hooked!
  • I love relaxing and doing my nails – I always feel prepared if my nails are done!
  • In this job I love seeing people’s confidence and knowledge grow throughout their course – I’ll do everything I can to help!
  • I try and plan my time effectively so please let me know if you cannot make an appointment as soon as you know – we can always rearrange if we need to!
  • I hate to think that you are at home stressing about a unit so please let me know if you need any help, I usually have my phone on me and am always happy to help in any way I can!
  • Please try and be on time or let me know if you are going to be late, I  always want to get as much out of our time together as I can and may have other appointments after you.
Claire Lennon

Claire Lennon

Assessor / Coach

  • Nutty as a fruitcake – loves her chocolate. Warm and friendly and ready to share experiences.
  • I like the way Claire engages with everyone, when she is training you can hear the laughter through the walls.
  • Can always make you laugh, even at her own expense and loves her leg-is-lat-ion.
  • My boys and their families are very important to me. It’s really important that I spend time with them and have them round for dinner a few times a week.
  • Training has to be fun, people learn better this way and it is far more enjoyable for me.
  • It has to be on time! I would rather be an hour early than 2 minutes late.
  • I never leave home without my mascara on, I wouldn’t feel complete.
  • Chocolate has it’s place, which is once a day and without fail.
  • I play golf once a week, not crazy golf, proper golf and hope to beat my partner Ian one day soon, even though he did try to empty a bunker of sand once!
  • Never worry about asking for help – I want to help you.
  • Email works best for me, I get a lot of calls and texts while I am training and I can’t respond straight away.
  • If I don’t know the answer to specific questions, I like to research a lot, so please give me time to reply.
  • I need to know that people have received my texts or emails so please reply otherwise I might get anxious.
  • It’s my job to be flexible. Please give me lots of notice if a meeting is inconvenient, this way I can rearrange my diary. I’m a popular girl so…
  • My diary gets booked pretty quickly, so it’s good to arrange meetings when you see me rather than trying to see me with little notice.
Hayley McKeever

Hayley McKeever

Assessor / Coach

  • Has loads of patience and always looks in control. She is really helpful to me with technology.
  • I like the way that Hayley is always busy and looks perfect – she is like a beautiful swan, serene on top but paddling frantically underneath.
  • Has a hilarious sense of humour and a calming mannerism.
  • Family, I like to spend as much time as possible with my son, he really likes bowling and going to the cinema.
  • I enjoy watching scary movies but can’t watch them with my other half because he is a wimp!
  • I can’t leave the house without make-up – I don’t want to scare the children on the school run.
  • Food!
  • Helping people to recognise and change bad practice.
  • I drive a lot and plan my routes to see lots of people – so if you need to cancel or re-arrange please give me plenty of notice as my diary gets booked quickly.
  • Communication is key! I keep my phone on even at weekends and I love to help people – ring me.
  • I am happy to travel anywhere to help people but please give me a postcode and an address.
  • Ask for help! If you need help with your assignments please tell me. I can’t help you unless I know you need guidance.
Maizie Miller

Maizie Miller

Assessor / Coach

  • I love the way Maizie chats to her learners in a really human, friendly way. She obviously makes them feel really comfortable and has a brilliant rapport with everyone.
  • Maizie doesn’t do ‘strict’. There is always a smile behind what she says.
  • Maizie is friendly and approachable. When she starts giggling, so does everyone else.
  • Fun! I need to let my hair down and let all of the stress disappear.
  • New experiences – I want to make new memories that I can pass to my grandbabies when I have them.
  • My family are amazing and I love them, they remind me that you don’t have to take life too seriously.
  • Shopping, I like spending all of my wages on clothes, who needs to pay the rent anyway?
  • Food, women versus food would be my dream job.
  • I have trouble finding places so please give me good directions.
  • I love being out seeing people, please ring me if you want me to come and visit you.
  • I have the memory of a sieve so I need lists and emails to refer back to.
  • I’m a friendly person and I love to help people, I also love talking so give me a ring if you need help.
Emily Wyard

Emily Wyard

Assessor / Coach

  • Pocket sized Wonder Woman. Eager to help others and always manages to put a smile on your face.
  • I like the fact that she’s beyond her years but still enjoys a giggle.
  • I love the fact that Emily has such attention to detail. I know that everything she does will be done better than I could do it myself.
  • I really enjoy doing my crafts which I find really therapeutic.
  • My family in Suffolk are very important and I try to stay with them every few weeks.
  • I really enjoy my cats called Honey and Poppy. They wake me up every morning.
  • I am a bit of a perfectionist. Everything has to be just so.
  • I am a bit house proud and I enjoy decorating.
  • For me, this job is about helping people, not ticking boxes. I feel you get the best from somebody when they are comfortable around you.
  • Text, phone calls and emails are all good for me.
  • I get worried when people don’t hand in work on time. Please contact me so I can help you.
  • I like people to arrive to appointments on time, but don’t panic if you are late – just let me know.
  • I love the social aspect of meeting people but hate being seen as a teacher figure. It’s great to meet for a coffee and give people help.
Andreea Dulama

Andreea Dulama


  • I love Andreea, she is so sweet and unspoilt. It’s a quality that is very rare these days.
  • Nothing is too much trouble for Andreea. If it needs doing, she ‘will do it’ and would do anything for anyone. The ‘go to person’ for a cuddle
  • Andreea is very kind, caring and sweet, she is always willing to help
  • I like helping people
  • Family is really important to me, I love going to the park and playing with my son Andrei
  • I love reading, especially love stories with a happy ending
  • I really like swimming, I only learned last year
  • I love cleaning, I find it really therapeutic
  • I love DIY and making my house perfect
  • English is not my first language so sometimes I struggle with spelling names so it’s much easier if you text or email me
  • I really enjoy helping, please allow me to help by asking me to do things
  • I always write things down so that I know what I have to do
  • I love meeting new people and it’s nice when people pop in to say hello
Jacky Rayner

Jacky Rayner

Head of Quality

  • I like the way that she is not all that she appears – she may come across as prim and proper but deep down there is a rebel trying to get out!
  • Comforting, attention to detail, wants to help / see people develop.
  • Jacky knows her stuff! She is kind, approachable and really good at teaching.
  • I like to be approachable and know that people will come to me if they need help.
  • I need “me” time which is just about me and not about others for once.
  • I love it when my boys drop in for Sunday lunch or just to say “Hi Mum”
  • Music – I love Reading Festival and have very eclectic tastes ranging from Tool to Coldplay to Pearl Jam and beyond.
  • I like to be organised and spend a lot of time making sure things are done right.
  • I need reassurance to know that I am supporting you in the way that is best for you.
  • I hate being late.
  • I get frustrated if people don’t respond to my messages. I hate to think that you are stuck on something and hiding from me.
  • Text, phone calls and emails are all good for me, whatever suits you best.
  • I sometimes have a long way to travel so please give me plenty of notice for cancellations, I might have left already!
Rebecca McCandless

Rebecca McCandless

Business Development Manager

  • Becky is lovely and fits in really well with the rest of us because she is a bit bonkers and she has OCD.
  • I have found Becky to be very honest and friendly and she enjoys a laugh
  • Becky likes to put everybody at ease and makes sure that they understand everything
  • Becky is funny, I like her stories about her family and the funny stuff that happens to them, easy to talk to and get on with, She bakes!
  • Becky is very friendly, likes a good laugh and doesn’t take herself too seriously
  • Becky makes CAKES so she is fab and a really nice person
  • Food and Wine
  • Spending time with my family and friends  as often as possible
  • Being punctual, I get very irritated by peoples’ lateness, if you agree a time be there.
  • EastEnders – don’t judge me.
  • Shopping, I love to shop for myself but I also enjoy buying gifts for others, I start my Christmas shopping in August.
  • If you need to cancel our meeting please let me know in advance if possible, as I meet lots of people and may be able to fill your slot with someone else and re-arrange with you.
  • E-mail me as I can then respond wherever I am.
  • Be on time as I may have others booked in after you.
  • I am here to help and support you, so let me help you ask me anything.
  • Follow Flexible on Twitter, Facebook and tell people how great we are.
Jason Dudderidge

Jason Dudderidge

Managing Director

  • I like the way that Jason can always see the bigger picture,  he is always looking for easier or more effective ways of doing things
  • Jason is supportive, entrepreneurial and driven. He bluntly states the obvious and loves making everyone laugh
  • Probably the most generous person I have ever met. Has endless patience and is very easy-going
  • Family is the most important thing in my life – after work!
  • It’s really important that I feel everyone is enjoying their work life and feels part of the “Family”.
  • I like to have time to myself – my favourite things to do are Scuba Diving and Motorbike riding.
  • I love taking my son Luke on the motorbike – He likes to put his arms out and pretend he is flying.
  • Sleeping is just not the same without a cat pushing me off the bed or dribbling on my face
  •  I really enjoy going to the gym and using the treadmill to run away from Zumba music.
  • I am a “big picture” person, which means I often get distracted, I rely on my staff to keep me on track and focused
  •  Always send me an email or text to follow up something if I have “seen something shiny”
  • I rely on lots of information so please be succinct (I do get sidetracked!)
  • I like to be informal and love chatting to people so don’t be afraid to pop in without an appointment