Caring for Epilepsy

Caring for Epilepsy

It’s not just about the seizures…

Imagine what it must be like knowing that when you go out, your body could suddenly freeze up solid and fall over. Or leave you lying there jerking in spasm as you suffer another seizure. Epilepsy sufferers can face this every day and having a good Carer is a vital part of their lives.

But an epilepsy carer should also be more than a nurse or guardian. Epilepsy seizures impact people in many different ways but there are some common, less physical, effects that should be considered.

Epilepsy affects short-term memory and recall, making some daily activities a struggle. This can often lead to depression and anxiety. Sometimes, just ‘going out’ with them – to the pub, shopping, a gig – normal, boring everyday stuff that we do without thinking, can be the best therapy.

Epilepsy sufferers are just people. They like to go out, walk in the park, visit their friends, make new friends, but can feel excluded because of their illness. By encouraging and enabling them to just feel included, you will be making a very positive impact on their lives.

This said it must be remembered that caring for someone with epilepsy requires very specific knowledge and it’s essential that you have the right training in Epilepsy Awareness as well as keeping up to date with the latest caring strategies. Flexible Training can help with our Epilepsy Awareness and Management courses, including a Refresher for those looking to update their knowledge.