Andreea Dulama


What others like about me: I love Andreea, she is so sweet and unspoilt. It’s a quality that is very rare these days. Nothing is too much trouble for Andreea. If it needs doing, she ‘will do it’ and would do anything for anyone. The ‘go to person’ for a cuddle Andreea is very kind, […]

Rebecca McCandless

Business Development Manager

What others like about me: Becky is lovely and fits in really well with the rest of us because she is a bit bonkers and she has OCD. I have found Becky to be very honest and friendly and she enjoys a laugh Becky likes to put everybody at ease and makes sure that they […]

Jason Dudderidge

Managing Director

What others like about me: I like the way that Jason can always see the bigger picture,  he is always looking for easier or more effective ways of doing things Jason is supportive, entrepreneurial and driven. He bluntly states the obvious and loves making everyone laugh Probably the most generous person I have ever met. […]

Claire Lennon

Assessor / Coach

What others like about me: Nutty as a fruitcake – loves her chocolate. Warm and friendly and ready to share experiences. I like the way Claire engages with everyone, when she is training you can hear the laughter through the walls. Can always make you laugh, even at her own expense and loves her leg-is-lat-ion. […]

Jess Profit

Assessor / Coach

What others like about me: I like that Jess is friendly, approachable and always happy to help others. Jess is a lovely lady, she makes cake which is always a bonus in our office. She is very kind hearted and will go out of her way to help anybody. Jess is always so helpful. She […]

Maizie Miller

Assessor / Coach

What others like about me: I love the way Maizie chats to her learners in a really human, friendly way. She obviously makes them feel really comfortable and has a brilliant rapport with everyone. Maizie doesn’t do ‘strict’. There is always a smile behind what she says. Maizie is friendly and approachable. When she starts […]

Emily Connell

Assessor / Coach

What others like about me: Pocket sized Wonder Woman. Eager to help others and always manages to put a smile on your face. I like the fact that she’s beyond her years but still enjoys a giggle. I love the fact that Emily has such attention to detail. I know that everything she does will […]

Jacky Rayner

Head of Quality

What others like about me: I like the way that she is not all that she appears – she may come across as prim and proper but deep down there is a rebel trying to get out! Comforting, attention to detail, wants to help / see people develop. Jacky knows her stuff! She is kind, […]