Jacky Rayner

Jacky Rayner

Head of Quality

What others like about me:

  • I like the way that she is not all that she appears – she may come across as prim and proper but deep down there is a rebel trying to get out!
  • Comforting, attention to detail, wants to help / see people develop.
  • Jacky knows her stuff! She is kind, approachable and really good at teaching.
What’s important to me:
  • I like to be approachable and know that people will come to me if they need help.
  • I need “me” time which is just about me and not about others for once.
  • I love it when my boys drop in for Sunday lunch or just to say “Hi Mum”
  • Music – I love Reading Festival and have very eclectic tastes ranging from Tool to Coldplay to Pearl Jam and beyond.
  • I like to be organised and spend a lot of time making sure things are done right.
How best to support me:
  • I need reassurance to know that I am supporting you in the way that is best for you.
  • I hate being late.
  • I get frustrated if people don’t respond to my messages. I hate to think that you are stuck on something and hiding from me.
  • Text, phone calls and emails are all good for me, whatever suits you best.
  • I sometimes have a long way to travel so please give me plenty of notice for cancellations, I might have left already!


Email: info@flexible-training.com Telephone: 01462 222300
Address: Devonshire Business Centre, Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire,  SG6 1GJ