Claire Lennon

Claire Lennon

Assessor / Coach

What others like about me:
  • Nutty as a fruitcake – loves her chocolate. Warm and friendly and ready to share experiences.
  • I like the way Claire engages with everyone, when she is training you can hear the laughter through the walls.
  • Can always make you laugh, even at her own expense and loves her leg-is-lat-ion.
What’s important to me:
  • My boys and their families are very important to me. It’s really important that I spend time with them and have them round for dinner a few times a week.
  • Training has to be fun, people learn better this way and it is far more enjoyable for me.
  • It has to be on time! I would rather be an hour early than 2 minutes late.
  • I never leave home without my mascara on, I wouldn’t feel complete.
  • Chocolate has it’s place, which is once a day and without fail.
  • I play golf once a week, not crazy golf, proper golf and hope to beat my partner Ian one day soon, even though he did try to empty a bunker of sand once!
How best to support me:
  • Never worry about asking for help – I want to help you.
  • Email works best for me, I get a lot of calls and texts while I am training and I can’t respond straight away.
  • If I don’t know the answer to specific questions, I like to research a lot, so please give me time to reply.
  • I need to know that people have received my texts or emails so please reply otherwise I might get anxious.
  • It’s my job to be flexible. Please give me lots of notice if a meeting is inconvenient, this way I can rearrange my diary. I’m a popular girl so…
  • My diary gets booked pretty quickly, so it’s good to arrange meetings when you see me rather than trying to see me with little notice.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
The Care Certificate 102 Hours 22/04/2024
The Care Certificate 102 Hours 22/04/2024
The Care Certificate 17 Weeks 07/06/2020
The Care Certificate 102 Hours 22/04/2024
The Care Certificate 102 Hours 22/04/2024


Email: Telephone: 01462 222300
Address: Devonshire Business Centre, Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire,  SG6 1GJ