Andreea Dulama

Andreea Dulama


What others like about me:
  • I love Andreea, she is so sweet and unspoilt. It’s a quality that is very rare these days.
  • Nothing is too much trouble for Andreea. If it needs doing, she ‘will do it’ and would do anything for anyone. The ‘go to person’ for a cuddle
  • Andreea is very kind, caring and sweet, she is always willing to help
What’s important to me:
  • I like helping people
  • Family is really important to me, I love going to the park and playing with my son Andrei
  • I love reading, especially love stories with a happy ending
  • I really like swimming, I only learned last year
  • I love cleaning, I find it really therapeutic
  • I love DIY and making my house perfect
How best to support me:
  • English is not my first language so sometimes I struggle with spelling names so it’s much easier if you text or email me
  • I really enjoy helping, please allow me to help by asking me to do things
  • I always write things down so that I know what I have to do
  • I love meeting new people and it’s nice when people pop in to say hello


Email: Telephone: 01462 222300
Address: Devonshire Business Centre, Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire,  SG6 1GJ