Trailblazers – what’s it all about?

Trailblazers – what’s it all about?

Trailblazers to develop new ‘Standards’

As we have recently reported, the apprenticeship system is being completely overhauled, including new funding processes and changes to the existing apprenticeship ‘Frameworks’. These are being replaced by ‘Standards’, a system that is currently being developed by various groups of employers known as Trailblazers.

Each Standard’  consists of a two-page document setting out the essential skills, behaviours and knowledge required for each particular role. The apprentice must be assessed and graded by a body independent of the one that provided the training.

For those of us working in the Adult Care Sector, there are four roles that have been approved for these new Standards. They are:

  • Adult Care Worker (equal to Level 2)
  • Lead Adult Care Worker (Level 3)
  • Lead Practitioner in Adult Care (Level 4)
  • Leader in Adult Care (Level 5 – including both managers and advanced practitioners)

Government has approved all these roles and guidance documents can be found here.

As always, there are still a few wrinkles to be worked out. The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) are trialling a system called the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations to list all those suitable to assess each specific standard. Each organisation must comply with quality criteria and detail exactly how they intend to deliver the end-point assessment plan. The end-point testing is still waiting for approval from government. We’ll keep you updated as new information is made available.

As mentioned above, the standards are being developed by groups of Trailblazers. The Adult Care Sector group is made up of 11 care organisations representing private, public and voluntary sectors. They are working with representatives of learning providers and Awarding Bodies. The SFA supports the group through a relationship manager alongside an independent expert consultant and Skills for Care are also providing support and assistance. The development is an ongoing process but initial draft documents are available to view on the Skills for Care website.

With the complete revamp of the Apprenticeship system, it’s vital that you keep up to date with all the changes to funding, assessment, standards etc. Flexible Training are here to help you understand the impact these changes will have on you, your staff and organisation and will continue to keep you informed as we receive updates. Our friendly team are always ready to have a chat with you about any aspects of training and how we can help.